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 "The definition of seat-of-the-pants is slang to describe something improvised, or done based on prior experience or by feel."

                                                                                                 (Your Dictionary)

Chris and Tim originally chose "Seat of Your Pants" as a working title. Although Chris and Tim are great believers in planning to succeed, they also recognised that we work in a world that is complex, surprising and doesn't always go to plan.

Seat of Your Pants encapsulates the importance of being creative, flexible and adaptable in today's work environment.  Seat of Your Pants also conveys a sense of energy and fun, which they bring to their work.


Tim Adam

When Tim was in his early stages of primary school, he struggled to complete a project on cows. He chose cows because he was fascinated with a creature that had 4 stomachs...

Despite struggling to find information about cows, and his mum imploring him to change to a much easier animal subject, he stuck with cows. In his family, this story has become emblematic of his grit, his fascination with the different, as well as, his quirkiness.

He has spent the last 25 years as a qualified social worker, working in a range of diverse areas and positions across senior social work, coordination and management roles.

The value he brings to his work is the ability to not only, understand the key presenting micro and macro issues affecting the work, and to develop innovative, conceptually rich and practical responses that meet the needs of his clients.


  • coaching, mentoring and clinical supervision

  • strategic/operational analysis and development

  • conflict management and mediation

  • program analysis, development, and commissioning

  • consultation and problem solving

  • education, facilitation and training

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Chris O'Connor

Chris Listens. When he was young, a lovely young woman called Kelly sent him a letter and telling him the most important lesson was a letter. And that letter was ‘L’...

L starts the words laugh, learn, listen, look, learn and love. Since then he’s tried to do all these things in very good measures.

With a degree in Developmental Education, postgraduate study in Recreation & Management and psychology and work experience as a teacher of grade two’s in an indigenous community in Mexico, a policy writer for Adelaide central Mission, a manager of a recreation service for people with disabilities, a children’s party entertainer. He has been the CEO of Cystic Fibrosis SA,  Windarring and READI. He feels he’s finally starting to get an idea of how a few things work.


  • Strategic Planning; development and delivery

  • Leadership in complex and challenging environments.

  • Building strong and diverse teams to deliver outcomes.

  • Program development and implementation including community engagement and design.

  • Facilitation and negotiation of partnerships and agreements.

  • NDIS Knowledge

  • Drug and Alcohol testing and education

Apart from us, we have many other navigators who work with us to ensure the trip meets the flight conditions as required.