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The SOYP, we believe that strong and positive Supervision and coaching increases the capacity to undertake the modern challenges of working in the health, education and welfare sector. It is only by “leaning into” our challenges that we have the capacity to learn, create new ways of practice and generate change.

We offer both individual, dual and group supervision and have a range of developed models that help you to reflect on your practice, and gain the support that you both need and deserve. We also offer individual coaching to professionals in the welfare sector who want think about their charge up thier career.

The power of a strong supervision process for supervisees:

  • External supervision is the “gold standard” as per a range of professional bodies

  • Provides a “safe and productive space” to be able to present challenging work experiences 

  • Supervisee decides what works for them and what does not work

  • Increase in understanding the complexity of human interaction 

  • Augment their work practice by engaging in theory-on-action

The power of external professional supervision for organisations:

  • Augments existing processes that support good clinical governance

  • Allows practitioners to further develop their knowledge in practice and thus strengthens outcomes for clients, team and organisation

  • Provides a critical and supportive space around the work that builds resilience and occupational safety  

“Critical and deep reflection, with consideration of multiple perspectives.” Participant, March 2021

“Excellent supportive and insightful service. Always helps.” Participant, March 2020

"I have really enjoyed supervision. I always leave feeling revitalised and ready to take on the next challenge. Gaining a different perspective on my work is extremely beneficial" Participant, July 2020

"I believe the experience of professional external supervision has allowed me to better reflect on my practice as a social worker. Tim has allowed me to curiously question my role, how its differs from others and has given me a safe space to question my responsibilities and formulate a proactive response to any perceived difficult situations." Participant, July 2020