• Chris O'Connor

Lockdown perfect time to set up for the future

Lockdown is challenging. No two ways about it. Even though most of the time we do the same thing in the same way each day, we don't like the thought that we can't do something. But, take a step back and think of all the change and growth you have achieved so far this year. Lockdown made up do things differently. I'm sure you will come up with a long list of all the different ways you've overcome challenges in the past few months. Think about that first fumbly meeting online to those slick, action filled catch-ups that you now conduct.

The great thing about all of this 'pivoting' is it means that you can now look at your work from a completely different angle. And even when we open up and go back to 'business as usual', it's important to keep looking at things from these different angles, and keep evolving. Enjoy the view.

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