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Top Tips for Great Grants

Some idle thoughts...

I have written hundreds of grants and tenders over my career. At Cystic Fibrosis SA we derived approximately 50% of our annual income from grants. This was generally used for specific programs and activities rather than core funding (wages and rent etc)

My top tips are:

It is not easy money! Understand the amount of work that is involved in writing and if successful using and then acquitting the money! Sometimes the amount of work for a small grant can be the same for a big grant.

Know what you want. Have a clearly defined goal/project/outcome.

Know what the funding body wants and needs. Do your research on the funding body.. Make sure they align with your goals.

Tell a story that needs a happy ending. People like stories. People like to be part of the solution and help be the creators of a happy ending. Funding bodies are people. Call them so you get to know them and they get to know you. This human connection is powerful and positive.

Get others involved – the more you can show that you are building partnerships, and have lots of parties/people who believe in your story and cause, the better the chance of getting someone else involved. It’s easier to convince someone to join after you have convinced others to join.

Follow up – if you get the money, stay on top of the acquittal, be organised. Because if keep the funding body happy you increase your chance for future grants.

Grant writing takes time, energy and focus. If you have struggles with those, you will struggle to be successful in getting grants. Give us a call at SOYP to work through it and help you achieve great grants!

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