• Chris O'Connor

Zoom, zoom!

So Tim and I recently hosted an online webinar, called 'Flying Through Clouds, Navigating in Uncertain Times'.

I'm not going to go into the content of the talk here, you can find that elsewhere on this website, but really just a quick observation on people's resilience, and ability to learn new things and adapt. Two months ago, we would have done this sort of seminar face to face, with everyone in a room, and it would have been fun and educational (I hope!).

However, within the space of a couple of months, we have all become experts (well, maybe that is too strong a term) in online communication and working from home. We now zoom more regularly than Mazdas, skite about our skyping, and attend business meetings in shirts, shorts and slippers!

Regardless of the quality of these technologies and our NBN, we have adapted, evolved and become more resilient. This is because we have the powerful motivator to connect and communicate (and for some maintain doing your job), and to be proactive in thsi time when it would be pretty easy to collapse on a couch and shrink into a hole and streaming services.

The human spirit is strong. We have adapted and evolved faster than a fruitfly to give us the best chance of coming through Covid 19 stronger. Well done to all of us!

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